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Hello all, I’m Goutham Tiwari, and welcome to Creativeartink.

I am the happy founder of Creativeartink. I have studied MBA (finance) and worked in corporate for few years. During that period, I have no time for family, friends and also not even to learn something new. Within few years I understood that, I am not suitable for corporate jobs.

One day I decided to quit the job. However, I always had a love of graphic design and I finally made the decision to go back to school for just that. I kept waiting for the perfect time to start and it never came so guess what? In the meantime, I taught myself with YouTube and online tutorials.

Although, I’m fairly new to the design world. I have worked tremendously hard to learn, and the importance of creativeness to offer unique beautiful designs that will enlighten you to keep creating even further.

Why Creativeartink?

I love Art in many ways and forms, designing have always been a secret dream of mine. So, I decided to create this space to offer creative and crafty people the inspiration to create something unique on their own.

All designs are carefully designed to ensure clean and quality cuts that do not waste supplies and money. Many sharing groups on social media that offer free files are stolen and traced, leaving you with bad cuts and wasted products.

I pride myself that unique ideas are works of Art and I work very hard in each and every single design to bring happiness and positivity to each and everyone. I am a Graphic Designer, and I love illustrating, hand lettering, and everything in between. This is my passion and it’s what I always wanted to do.

My goal is to always keep “Creativeartink” free for personal and commercial use, but running a free download site can get costly. If you’d like to help me keep this site free, please consider paying a small amount for your downloads.


Have a wonderful day and Happy Crafting.

Thank you for coming and supporting Creativeartink!!

Goutham Tiwari

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